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Carpet Sales & Installation

At The Carpet & Air Duct Man, we are not just experts in carpet cleaning; we also specialize in providing top-quality carpet sales and installation services to customers in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas. With a wide selection of premium carpets and a team of skilled installers, we are your one-stop shop for all your carpeting needs, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to installation.

1. Extensive Selection
2. Quality You Can Trust
3. Competitive Pricing
new carpet in Modern and unfurnished interior of luxury town house.
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With Factory Direct Pricing

Free Consultation

Our process begins with a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll visit your home or business to understand your needs, measure your space, and help you choose the perfect carpet.


Based on your style preferences, usage, and budget, we’ll provide personalized recommendations that align with your vision.

Professional Install

Our experienced and certified installers will handle the removal of your old carpet and the precise installation of your new one, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

Post-Installation Support

After installation, we’ll provide you with care tips and are always available for any follow-up service or questions you might have.

Based on 169 reviews
Amber Christina
Amber Christina
February 12, 2024
I was having issues with my heat in my house and it was recommended I get my ducts cleaned. I called air duct man on a sunday and was told I would be called by a technician. They ended up getting in touch with me a bit later that day and scheduling me for next day service. They were prompt right at the time they said they would be there. They were friendly and personable and explained the whole process to me. I happen to have a lot of pets, including snakes, spiders, geckos, guinea pigs and hamster thru pretty much every room in the house. They took great care around all my enclosures and pets and did an amazing job. It fixed my heat issues too! I definitely recommend The Carpet and Air Duct Man!
Barry Bishop
Barry Bishop
January 12, 2024
Fantastic experience with this company.
Joe Stock
Joe Stock
January 5, 2024
Anthony and Brendan visited our house today for air duct cleaning. They were on time, professional, knowledgeable, delicate, and explained the process. Thank you very much!
E Greif
E Greif
December 1, 2023
Super friendly. They cleaned out the dryer vent and replaced the indoor flexible hookup. Highly recommend!
Marie Leucker
Marie Leucker
November 15, 2023
The team was amazing! They took dated 90's colored flooring and updated it! They were able to sand out the bevels in the kitchen floor and make it look like a new floor without replacing the nice wood that was there. They somehow were able to mix a stain to match our kitchen (oak) to our familyroom (pine) without the pine looking orange! 🙌🏻 not an easy thing to do! In the kitchen they had to replace some old water damaged planks and it looks seamless! And they did NOT get a single drop of stain on our new white cabinets or toe kicks! The office was easy to work with, pricing was great, and crew were professional!
Deborah Marshall
Deborah Marshall
October 15, 2023
So incredibly happy with our new LVP! Owner came to provide me with quote and answered all my questions. He also was able to show me website where I could upload photo of the room and see how the various LVP options would look in the space. Super helpful! The installation was scheduled quickly and office was always very responsive. Installers themselves were very courteous and beyond fast. Just couldn't be happier with my new flooring!!
billy hankins
billy hankins
October 14, 2023
Johnny, thank you so much for ANOTHER fantastic job.the LVPi install is so beautiful. I love it. I appreciate all you and your crew did for us. Sharon Hankins
Pam Faller
Pam Faller
October 3, 2023
Hands down. Best people to work with!! You won't regret having them !!!! Highly recommend 👌
Susan Mays
Susan Mays
September 30, 2023
Customer services is Job #1 with this company. Got a reminder call the day before my appointment for duct cleaning and a call the day of to let me know they were on the way. Fast, efficient, friendly, professional. Very reasonably priced. I definitely recommend this small local business.

Hear It From Our Customers

When you choose us, you get to work with a company that stands behind its promise of quality by guaranteeing the work of our installation and service crews.

The Carpet and Air Duct Man was founded over 35 years ago and has continuously increased its base of satisfied customers. Of course, nothing recommends us more than praise from our customers.

Aesthetics & functionality

Reasons To Replace Your Carpet

Installing new carpet in your home offers a multitude of benefits, enhancing not only the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces but also improving comfort, health, and overall quality of life. Here are some compelling reasons to consider new carpeting:

1. Comfort and Warmth
  • Softness Underfoot: New carpet provides a comfortable, soft surface to walk, sit, and play on, making it ideal for homes with children or anyone seeking a cozy environment.
  • Insulation: Carpet acts as an insulator, retaining warmth in colder months, which can contribute to a reduction in heating costs and increase energy efficiency.
2. Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Allergen Trapping: Contrary to common misconceptions, carpet can actually improve indoor air quality by trapping allergens and dust particles in its fibers, preventing them from circulating in the air.
  • Easy to Clean: Modern carpets come with treatments that make them easier to clean, ensuring allergens, dust mites, and pet dander are efficiently removed with regular vacuuming.
3. Noise Reduction
  • Sound Absorption: Carpet absorbs sound rather than reflecting it, reducing noise levels in your home. This makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, upstairs rooms, and apartments where noise reduction is desirable.
  • Impact Dampening: The cushioning effect of carpet and its padding also reduces the sound of footsteps, dropped objects, and other impacts, contributing to a quieter, more serene home environment.
4. Safety
  • Slip Resistance: Carpet provides a slip-resistant surface, which is particularly beneficial in homes with young children or elderly individuals, reducing the risk of falls.
  • Cushioning for Falls: In the event of a fall, carpet offers a softer landing compared to hard surfaces, potentially reducing the severity of injuries.
5. Aesthetic and Design Flexibility
  • Visual Appeal: New carpet can transform the look and feel of a room, adding warmth and elegance. With a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns available, it’s easy to find an option that complements your home’s decor.
  • Design Versatility: Carpet can serve as a neutral foundation or a focal point of a room, depending on the chosen style and color, offering flexibility in interior design.
6. Increased Home Value
  • Enhanced Appeal: Installing new carpet can improve the perceived value and appeal of your home to potential buyers, making it an investment that can pay off in the long run, especially if you’re considering selling your home.
7. Customization
  • Personalization: The vast selection of carpet options allows for personalization of each space in your home to reflect your unique style and preferences.


Choosing to install new carpet in your home can significantly enhance your living environment in numerous ways, from improving comfort and safety to elevating the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. With advancements in carpet technology, including stain-resistant and eco-friendly options, there has never been a better time to explore the benefits that new carpeting can offer.